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Why is the 2.7 TDV6 Gearbox Important

The 2.7 TDV6 Gearbox is the Secret of Range Rovers Powerful Performance

The 2.7 TDV6 gearboxes were introduced in 2006 which was used in most reliable and luxury SUV Range Rovers and some other well-known vehicles as well. These vehicles are known and famed for their classy performance on and off the road but in the end this gearbox may have issues and problems because of being machines.

The 2.7 TDV6 gearbox should be smooth either it is manual or automatic, but if you face issues of slow changing gear or noises and juddering, it is indicating you about errors and faults in its self.

Common issues in 2.7TDV6 Transmission system

The fluid in this gearbox can get hot and causes damages like slow and uneven gear changes which feels like clutch slipping, speed does not increase in some cases of severe problems in 2.7TDV6 gearbox.

Judder of torque converter is also one of the most common sign of fault in your 2.7TDV6 gearbox. After such a long usage it is obvious for being faulty and having issues in it because of its age.

ATF for 2.7TDV6 gearbox

Automatic Transmission Fluid is used in 2.7TDV6 with its self-shifting and automatic transmission ability. It is quite different from other oils and lubricates of engines. ATF is used for flawless performance of 2.7TDV6 transmission save it from valve operation and brake band friction. It is a torque converter as well as gear lubrication.

ATF is a good option to avoid the problems, as with new gearbox oil it flushes out all such kind of errors from your gearbox. It is better to spend few hours and pounds to get ATF either than seized gearbox for the lifetime.

Reasons for problems in 2.7TDV6 transmission

The problem in shifting gear, hard to shift gear in parking or for reversing your vehicle, powerless or low torque performance and fault in gear speed ratio are few of more common issues facing 2.7TDV6 gearbox.

These issues are faced because of faulty or blocked valves which loose its body pressure by leakage in gasket or by solenoids. Sealing of leaked gasket may save your gearbox from lifetime seizing. Driving with faulty 2.7TDV6 gearbox or with leaking valves will eventually damage severely actual transmission hardware.

Precaution against 2.7 TDV6 gearbox fault

Changing solenoids without repairing valves is not a proper option because may be you don’t know that piston of your engine will be damage soon if you do not take this problem seriously.

The 2.7TDV6 gearbox surely is one of the best transmissions but it also has few weak spots you have to take care of. If you are facing issues with your gearbox, check its temperature first. And if you find its temperature even a bit high, it clearly shows error in transmission cooling system or leakage in engine cooling system which increases the temperature of gearbox oil.

Fault in Torque Clutch

Torque clutch may also be damage just like other parts. The 2.7 TDV6 transmission system involves this clutch very early for tearing it. Most common indication of bad or faulty clutch is, clutch is going to be very bad and will throw 1721 error clutch slip.

With faulty clutch your vehicle is drivable but don’t be wonder if you find it powerless. Yes, error in this clutch may reduce your vehicle power where as you feel your engine is still full of power.

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