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BMW 116i Small and Efficient Upscale Car

You can ask for eight speed auto transmissions against a good amount for BMW 116i

Entry level and cheapest cars of big names are looked at with suspicion whether they carry similar high quality features or not. BMW 116i is also the base level vehicle of 1 series but it does not just carry the badge but also intrinsic features of cars of the company.

The advent of competitors from other big names also pushes BMW to improve it further. Old engines of the car are available in the market. BMW 116i engine for sale is an opportunity for owners of small cars to replace their problematic units. Performance of these power machines is trustworthy.

Not only premium brands’ smallest cars but also semi premium cars pose a challenge to the car by including modern tech features and comfort. BMW 116i is pulled by 1.6 litre twin turbo engine which gives you 134 bhp and 220 Nm torque.

Torque is more than power and paired with standard six speed manual gearbox. You can ask for BMW 116i eight speed auto transmissions against the good amount, only if your pocket permits. Most buyers of 116i choose the optional gearbox. Steering is nice like most cars of BMW so you drive with ease and get familiar to it instantly.

Steering behaviour changes as you shift from one to other modes. Eco mode makes it lighter and you manoeuvre the car without real effort on busy roads and while parking. For a small car, it is quite important to give simple and easy driving experience on suburban roads.

Whereas pushing Sport mode will make steering heavy and speed pedal more efficient to give you more acceleration with little push.

More torque let you have more revolutions in BMW 116i

Standard manual speed transmissions are sleek and pedals positioning make them more practical. Drivers feel the delight to use them so opting for auto option does not mean any problem with a manual gearbox. Also reconditioned BMW 3 series Gearboxes are agile and use fuel very intelligently so while giving you brisk acceleration keep running cost low.

More torque let you have more revolutions at early gears so the thrill is waiting for you. Maximum revolution is 7000 rpm and you do not need to reach it more often. BMW does not claim it to be a sports car but with a muscular power machine when combined with rear wheel drive a thrilling you get a very engaging drive.

For this class of vehicles at an affordable price, it is very exciting. The official figure of reaching 100 km/h is 8.5 seconds but when you hold steering you find it more agile than the figure suggest. It gives you good economy too so it covers a distance of 100 km in 5.7 litres.

This official fuel economy in real life is hard to achieve on a mixed cycle. It consumes almost 7 later for the distance mentioned above. This appealing average is possible due to auto stop-start technology and the same can be switched off if you get irritated.

Ride quality has been made better so comfort is focused on new models of 1 series cars. Cabin space is limited and it is expected from a small hatch.

Front and side view of new 116i is gorgeous

There are some very fine competitors of the car and few are available at a low price too. Now you can choose either three door or five door body design of the car. The long wheelbase and long front bonnet are peculiar 1 series and at the rear, it ends immediately.

M Sport version of the car gives you bigger 18 inches wheels and aggressive appearance. In comparison to rivals, it is quite appealing but the rear side is not pretty like A3 of Audi. Front and side view of new 116i is gorgeous particularly when you choose it in blue paint. BMW engines suppliers UK is contacted by old engine buyers for trusted quality of used car engines.

The loyalty of buyers with BMW cars is mainly due to splendid car performance which comes with quality cabin and comfort. Low fuel consumption of this car is also a reason. Your upscale car interior is durable too.

You will find the layout of dashboard inspiring as you get a chance to occupy front seats. Steering wheel, centre console and overall impression inspire your praise for sure. Interior space has increased so you will get extra room than previous models.

Boot gives you reasonable space of 360 litres

Rear row passengers are more thankful for extending interior as they get more room for their legs. Soft touch rubber and plastic dominate cabin. For the bottom of the centre console use of hard plastic can be noticed. Red stitching becomes prominent in predominant black colour material.

Boot gives you reasonable space of 360 litres which is neither too small nor big. You can carry your week long grocery in this boot. After folding rear seat capacity of the boot becomes double. Fuel economy is ideal but if you use air condition then this will suffer and running cost gets higher.

Annual road tax is lower than diesel sibling of the car as emission is less. Standard features’ list is generous and you get heated mirrors, climate control, connectivity options, fog lights and side airbags. You are at liberty to include optional features too.

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