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Dec 11

BMW i5 SUV is ‘i’ Brand’s Probable Future

BMW to expand i-series to the next level of mobility by introducing the i5 all-electric SUV

BMW has announced that they will be celebrating the birth of their i-series next year. BMW has announced the i5 all-electric SUV to make this more charming and chunky. German automaker said that the new i5 will cover 200 miles from a single charge.


One of the board members of BMW Ian Robertson said that legislation means we will inevitably have more environment-friendly cars and wish to have a majority of zero emission vehicles. This target will be achieved through i-series models, but there is no firm decision has been made yet.

Rival to Tesla Model S

However, while a rival to Tesla Model S or an updated version of the i3 have been rumoured. It is understood from BMW that an SUV is likely to be favoured by BMW model line-up.

Why an i5 SUV?

SUV sales across the globe are increasing with every passing day, especially, in the crucial Chinese market. However, in the case of Munich, BMW has been deeply after the success story of Tesla, including the demand for Tesla Model X, a new SUV.

What BMW will offer?

BMW will form things according to their own style and it is expected that the same sort of advanced tech previously used on i3 and i8 will be used on the futuristic SUV.

There might be a light weight carbon fibre to feature along with all-electric power train. All these features will help the automakers to attain the travel range of 200 miles.

What Robertson believes?

Robertson is keen to stress that the i-brand has a broad meaning rather than simply being an electric car series. He believes that i- is all about the technologies.

Germany has a vision of producing more than one million electric vehicles and BMW will definitely play a vital role to attain this figure.

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