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Aug 4

Land Rover Defender 110! The powerful Landie with glorious Gearboxes

The Land Rover Defender gearboxes can handle a dead load of more than one ton, look how glorious are they?

The Landie Pulling!!

The Landie is a true off-roader and pioneers in the war machines when these vehicles performed in the World War I partially and in the World War II most dominantly. It is a monster on the wheels that towed the revered one-ton roller machine without raising a sweat.

Being a Hero for more than a Century

Land Rover is the best off-road SUV for more than a century. It is the darling vehicle for the all causes run across the globe, such as the Red Crescent and Red Cross rescue services in the remote areas, Safari trips across the jungles of mighty Africa and deserts of the Sahara.

The Landies love to be with the man and survives in the conditions where even a man cannot.  There are almost all non-profit organisations that work for the causes, disasters and rescue missions usually love to have Land Rovers.

What makes the Defender a Best ever built SUV?

Its agility, reliability, ability to adapt and power to thrive in any conditions and the most important factor is the off-roading, its drive trains and the Land Rover Defender gearboxes.  All these features made it the best rescue vehicle across the globe. There are hundreds of land Rovers that are busy in saving lives with the U.N Peace missions in Syria and Iraq.

Despite its production end, there is no end to the uses and the list of its lovers across the globe. There are several powerful armies including the U.S Army, Indian and Pakistan Army who have hundreds and thousands of Land Rover Defenders still in the use of active troops.

Why still so admired?

Even after many decades, Land Rover defenders are still a hot cake and on the weekends you can see that the rich people use these vehicles to have long rides on the old tracks through the country sides of Wales.

We have seen fights over the ownership of these old defenders but they are getting better and better with every passing day and continue to keep saving the lives and ultimately the planet earth. There is a rescue association in Bristol named SARA Severn Areas Association offers rescue services across the globe in the disastrous areas and it hosts more than a dozen Land Rovers in its fleet.

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