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Feb 15

Land Rover Defender! A Transforming Icon

An iconic Land Rover defender subjected to the transformation process with something to convince the modern world

What do you think of an iconic Land Rover Defender, a real SUV king since ages and something modern that conceived generations ago in the automotive world? Jaguar Land Rover is changing its production perspectives for the modification of its most successful Land Rover Defender.

What’s new?

JLR is slotting the new Getrag Gearbox into the Defender for the first time. This modification will be further impressed backed by the new powerful engine unit. New engine has a power of 121 bhp at 3500rpm, it may not sound much better but when it comes to the hefty torque, it certainly changes the game. This engine has a hefty torque of 265 lb-ft which starts flowing from only 2000rpm even in the lower gears. Drivers will not be struggling to keep up with traffic flow.

What kind of performance?

On the test track, the defender reached the speed mark of 84 miles per hour and reached to the mark so quickly, just like it was a BMW M5. BMW M5 has an electronically restricted top speed because M5 or even the Defender, both become harder to operate above these limits.

The Engine Refinements

The new Defender engines are still very refined and quiet vocal, which is a clear improvement. The muscular low-down torque helps the Defender to become muscular with a six-speed gearbox. This refined gearbox needs a firm hand on it but it is very smooth in shifting from one to another.

Any other major refinements?

The braking system of the new Defender has been modified with disc brakes for even good feel and reasonably joyful retardation.

The off road king is a capable machine but needs much more effort from the driver to deliver maximum than the modern off roader which has electronically controlled gearboxes and they do not require any human input at all.

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