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Dec 5

Land Rover Discovery a big vehicle for seven people

Good off-road ability due to improved engine performance

The big SUV Land Rover Discovery has powerful engines of 340hp and turbo diesel motor 254hp. Both are four-wheel drive and automatic gearbox with eight-speed transmissions also standard. It has been declared as one of the finest off-road vehicles due to comfort and drivability both off-road and on-road.

The cabin is spacious enough to carry seven adults. Modern gadgets to make your traveling more enjoyable are present in abundance. On dusty and rocky patches thrill is obvious but on smooth roads it is ultra-luxurious. The new model has come up with some alterations in exterior but it is very much same inside.

To compete with the ever advancing rivals Land Rover Discovery has four and six-cylinder diesel and petrol engines are available in the range. It is a big car so when riders get in they do not surprise to see big seats for every single passenger. With fully occupied seats boot space get cramped.

Limited engine range but full of power

Entry level Land Rover Discovery 2.0 liter engine may seem inappropriate for such a big and heavy transport but in performance, it would not disappoint. There is a little pause between your push to the pedal and acceleration in speed but when it gets going no such issue would bother. The v6 diesel engine does not create big difference but at low revs, it can pull harder and makes motion smoother as well.

The 3.0-liter V6 petrol is very swift on road but fuel economy is no way near to the diesel engine. That is why it is not recommended by most of the experts. For anything extra, the buyers need to pay an additional price for terrain response system and locking differentials. This equipment increases the off-road ability of the vehicle. Cruise control keeps it steady on a difficult track so you would love to drive it.

Elegance in interior building makes it luxurious

A very smart look of the dashboard has been appreciated by all and layout is excellent. Being a premium automobile material used to build the cabin is of excellent quality. At a glance, the riders will learn how to operate dials and control.

Touch-screen needs to be improved to match the classy competitors that are offering ultra-responsive screens. On the other hand off road assistance system is the best in this class and plenty of features are also included. An absence of Apple Car-play and Android Auto is another drawback to such a high rated automobile.

Fuel economy can be improved

To compare fuel efficiency with other SUVs you need to choose four-cylinder SD4. Safety features of this model are excellent as per European standards. Eight airbags are fitted to ensure safety when a crash happens and emergency braking is autonomous to avoid accidents.

Blind spot monitoring feature can be included if missing in your chosen model. For tight corners, steering is not ideal as the driver needs to do plenty of work. Driving on city roads is of similar fashion and to enjoy it take it to an open track.

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