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Feb 18

Land Rover Discovery Sport done by Brabus

Brabus is world renowned for their exceptional work done on Mercedes

What is it?

A beast with enhanced performance, bigger wheels, frugal engine with Range Rover nine-speed automatic gearbox. Brabus is already world famous for tweaking some of the already potent Mercedes engines to new high performance, extremely powerful units. They use to do the whole engine and the body, but this time with Land Rover Discovery Sport, they used Startech conversion and it did magic.

How’s engine performance now?

With the introduction of its new Startech conversion kit for the Land Rover Discovery Sport, Brabus has given the 2.2-litre turbo-diesel engines some cosmetic and performance enhancements. Brabus says that by using PowerXtra SD22 performance chip they are able to raise the performance from 140kW to 155kW and the torque from 420Nm to 460Nm. The company also claims that a considerable gain in car’s 0-62mph run has been noticed to 8.9 seconds. This PowerXtra SD22 performance chip can take about an hour to be installed by any reputable Land Rover workshop.

What are other enhancements?

The new suspension is 30mm lower than standard, 22-inch alloys are tailor-made and the tyres used on them are 265/35. For its aftermarket body kit, Brabus has used high-grade plastics which match OEM components for quality.

In this body kit the LED daytime running lights play an integral role. Although the details of interior enhancements are not made public yet but considering the previous work by the Bra bus, it is understood that it will be splendid.

The company is providing a 100,000km/three-year warranty for this engine tune. It is also said that a similar plug-and-play performance upgrade is on the way for the 2.0-litre Ingenium turbo-diesel engine which is standard on Range Rovers.

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