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May 11

Land Rover Discovery Sport Gearbox

Land Rover Discovery Sports gearbox emits high performance and speedy sprints

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a stylish, versatile and best SUV of 2015. This vehicle holds sharp and attractive looks, classy interior, seven-seat comfort, precise handling and excellent driving experience.

Engine of Land Rover Discovery Sport:

The powerful 2.0-litre TD4 Ingenious diesel is offered along with 148bhp or 178bhp, while the power-packed version can be obtained mainly with a nine-speed automatic gearbox. The lower powered 2.0-Litre engine is identified ‘e-Capability’ and is only- manual, and in spite of, the gearbox itself being amiably smooth to operate – if a little long of throw – it doesn’t, in fact, fit the character of what is a very sophisticated, graceful family car. Obviously, the auto gives a more pertinent, fuss-free driving experience. State the 178bhp 2.0-litre along with an automatic gearbox and you’ll strike 0-62mph in just about 8.9 seconds, while the manual will consume one second more.


A six-speed manual gearbox is declared as standard, but the optional nine-speed automatic gearbox is simply exceptional but is expensive on your pocket. Not only it is quick to respond and smooth, it permits you to make the most of the available performance just by maintaining the engine revs in the mid-range where things are much quieter.

Outright acceleration is enhanced along with the auto box compared to the manual. Fascinatingly, the Ingenium-powered Jaguar F-Pace utilizes an eight-speed auto, rather than the Discovery Sport‘s nine-speed box, but it creates a little difference to its overall performance or emissions, all thanks largely to that vehicle’s lower kerb weight.


The Discovery Sport scores five stars in Euro NCAP rating, which is really great. What’s more interesting though (and reassuring) is that in the test sections of occupant and pedestrian safety, the Discovery Sport scored greater than the Range Rover Evoque.

Standard safety kit involves nine airbags, electronic stability program (ESP), two ISOFIX points in the center row, anti-lock brakes and automatic collision prevention braking. Furthermore, the standard all-weather tires mixed along with four-wheel drive mean handling is more secured in all circumstances compared to numerous family cars – and the Discovery Sport is especially confidence-inspiring in stormy weather, all cheers to the variety of settings of the Terrain Response system.


The Discovery Sport provides you a three-year manufacturer warranty and roadside assistance package as standard, with no compulsion of mileage. Afterward, the company declares an extended warranty, though the warranty for corrosion lasts six years.

MPG, CO2, and Running Costs:

The Discovery Sport is a more upmarket vehicle than the earlier Freelander it swapped, and that’s revealed in the price. The strong 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel helps lessen emissions to as low as 129g/km particularly for the manual 148bhp version, while 57.6mpg asserted combined economy should notice 50mpg achievable day-to-day. Even the more powerful 178bhp unit along with an automatic gearbox returns 53.3mpg and 139g/km, placing it in VED Band E, which is similar to the BMW X3 and Jaguar F-Pace.

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