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Apr 21

Land Rover Freelander 2 is a Compact but Spacious SUV

In Appearance the Compact SUV is Smart but the Interior Offers You Generous Room and Refinement

Big cars have space and when it is an SUV of Land Rover then you get off road abilities too. Land Rover Freelander 2 named as the best compact SUV for three consecutive years. That proved, no competitor even came near to this vehicle. This superb car has great features apart from offering a roomy cabin.

The power of the engine is wonderful so when you take it to the tough tracks you are confident due to traction control and engine power. Land Rover Freelander 2 Used Gearbox and engine in good condition can serve you well as a replacement engine and auto parts. Feedback from the buyers also helps the car makers to improve their vehicles.

This is why when you look at the reviews of owners you find it problem free. No major problem has been reported about the vehicle. In appearance the compact SUV is smart but the interior offers you generous room and the refinement of this car also splendid.

Driving experience also makes it a good choice among other similar SUVs so with strong reasons it kept top position or remained Runner up for most years. You can have used Freelander 2 at a reasonable price and can upgrade features further without spending much.

The car has all wheels drive configuration which is basic for tough terrains drive. Particularly in winter and slippery tracks need this drive configuration. It was first introduced in 2006 in 5 doors body design. With this single body design, you can have either a petrol or diesel unit.

Both options were great pullers and the diesel engine economic fuel average makes it a better choice. Petrol 3.2 litre unit has auto transmissions at time of launch and diesel engine paired with a manual gearbox. An engaging drive is always liked when handling is accurate. Later auto speed transmissions were also paired with the TD4 diesel unit model.

You Get Only Diesel Engine Model

Top spec model HST was introduced two years after the first model and changes remained to continue. You get only a diesel engine model with stop start technology in 2009. It was an attempt to reduce emission and the result was positive. Emission drops to 179 g/km from 194 g/km.

Now a day it is a big issue because the environment needs our attention for future generations. Two wheels drive model also introduced so more choice became possible for buyers. In the second decade of this century, the vehicle received more styling because it had been demanded. Land Rover Gearbox also available so you can install it in your SUV.

Land Rover vehicles have great engines so you can rely on these used car engines. An infotainment system with seven inches display was also introduced in 2012. A voice control feature was also offered to compete with the modern SUVs. Diesel engine models are in great number so it is hard to find a Freelander 2 model having a petrol unit.

Two wheels drive model gives you the best fuel economy so four wheels drive models only preferred if routes are tough. For some people, traction is important than fuel economy so they happily afford the high running cost. It is also a fact that people want these strong vehicles only to run on tough terrains.

There are Numbers of Trims Available

Auto transmissions also consume more fuel than manual gearbox so when you are after low running cost, consider all aspects. Modern day buyers find it easy to drive auto cars so they may not ignore these models of Freelander.

There are numbers of trims available to the buyers and you can go through their specifications and price before selecting them. Different buyers have different needs and they choose wisely when it comes to spending extra money. Alloy wheels are standard in all model of the vehicle and you get heated auto door mirrors.

The vehicle has been designed for a tough job in tough weather. Windows are powered and climate control is also for all models of Freelander. In a high spec model, you get additional features to assist the driver. Rear parking sensors are needed for all big vehicles and safe parking. Electric adjustable front seats and cruise control are part of XS trim, which gives you an upscale feel.

This is Why Buyers Want Freelander

Some other trims offer leather covering for seats and Navigation possibility. In these trims, most luxury SUVs features have been covered so if you afford a combination of performance and luxury you can enjoy it in this compact SUV. There are many rivals of the vehicle with badges of big names like BMW and Audi but some traits are peculiar with Freelander.

The price of these upscale alternatives also high but there is one cheaper option of Volvo. This competitor is cheaper than German vehicles and also give you more value for money. Some Japanese rivals also present in the market but buyers are well aware of the qualities of Land Rover vehicles.

This is why buyers want Freelander if their routine track is tough and harsh weather conditions prevail. There is no seven seat option in the line-up and it is not thinkable for a compact SUV to offer space of a large one. Overall feedback of the car is great and you will enjoy driving this Land Rover SUV.

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