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Sep 14

Land Rover Future is Electric

Range Rover’s low emission future is evident, behold the Evoque and Range Rover Sport-based concept cars

CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle Event at Millbrook is where Jaguar Land Rover has recently showcased three of its low emission concept cars. This new trio is based on an array of Range Rovers as a part of battery-electric and hybrid powertrain technology research. For these Electric vehicles, Ranger Rover gearboxes are going to be designed specially. This research costs £16.3m and started in 2013.

What makes them any different?

The major difference and superiority these vehicles have over any other car is the use of the electric drive module (eDM). Range Rover has developed it in-house and according to the company, it is very well capable of producing twice the torque and power of any electric motor generator which is in production now-a-days.

Another brilliant thing about this module is that it can be inserted between any future or existing engine and gearbox setup. Turning the vehicle into a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or full electric vehicle.

So what are these concepts?

The first concept introduced is a conventional hybrid powered by the 89bhp diesel engine integrated with 15kW motor, mated to a nine-speed super-frugal automatic gearbox. It is codenamed Concept_e MHEV and based on the pre-facelift Range Rover Evoque.

The second one is Concept_e PHEV, employing the similar architecture, it’s a plug-in version. It has a 296bhp petrol engine mated to a 150kW electric motor. Fitted within the body of a Range Rover Sport, this concept gets an eight-speed gearbox.

Third and the final concept is the Concept_e BEV, an all-electric off-roader with 70kWh lithium-ion battery and electric axle drive engines. Its unique feature is that it gets not just one, but two electric motors – one for each axle. It has not been assigned to any particular model as yet.

What JLR has to say about it?

Director of Research and Technology at JLR, Dr Wolfgang Epple, shared his thought: “This is a long-term Jaguar Land Rover research project exploring all aspects of future hybrid and battery electric vehicle technology. The three Concept_e vehicles will allow us to test and develop exciting new potential technologies that could for part of our low and zero-emission vision beyond 2020.”

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