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Nov 15

Land Rover no Doubt a Luxurious option to drive on Road

Good Engine is Efficient in Fuel Consumption and Makes it Easier for You to Keep

Grand impression requires exquisite heavy look as well as premier technology and it is Land rover that meets this entire criterion. Whatever you think of about a luxury road vehicle is there. Four wheel drive, 340 horsepower engine and eight automatic speed gears define power machine attributes.

Just pounding appearance and power features are not sufficient their efficiency is of real concern and one can observe good combination of both in this spectacularly designed modern vehicle. This status symbol is beyond doubt quite costly but imposing as well so to be commanding one has to be a little spendthrift.

Two different types of models i.e. standard and long wheelbase are balanced in high-tech provision. To be true it is not an automobile for everyone but for those who dare to afford lavish features in sumptuous cabin.

 Grand has always been Grand without any significant Difference

There is no big change in overall but advancement in technology has never been ignored and every possible inclusion of feature is compulsory. With powerful engine possibility of going anywhere is not a dream but an awesome reality. It is quite perfect for routine use though do not respond as quickly as claimed. The standard model touches lowest price range and with all luxury features it becomes a bit more than that.

Fuel economy and environment friendly are also in minds of the producers and has been added accordingly. With great tempting qualities price could hamper sales but power lovers are happy to see it there in list of available options. Space is there in abundance for cargo and it is in rear. Precisely it is 83 cubic feet that seems enough for carrying good deal of luggage.

Similarly there is good room for legs in every row and no need to bend your head while riding in it. Entertainment system for rear seats is present as well with headphones and easy control with remote. Automatic glass sunroof, light is ambient and high quality sound system is there. To all this infotainment access is easy for driver and other riders.

Highly Impressive Updated Features that are Affordable to many

The real appeal is altogether new turbocharged diesel engine. This V6 diesel engine promise 32 percent enhanced fuel economy so you may drive it with more liberty. Off road and unstable terrain performance of splendid land rover is equally commendable. In time span of just 7.4 seconds it reaches speed of 60mph and top speed is 130 miles per hour.

Eight automatic speed transmissions can be enjoyed in three different modes and they are normal, sport and manual shift. The machine becomes a bit more aggressive by using feature of torque converter.

Growling and sound of engine is more submissive. So these features turn it into a silent flying machine on road. On its own and in comparison with other in same list it has many advantages that persuade buyers to go for it. A handsome value of your cash is promised with all new tech features.

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