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May 24

Lightning Fast Range Rover Sport with Automatic Gearbox

Fully Loaded Range Rover Sport gets Automatic Gearbox and Luxury Interior

Range Rover is a sports utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by Land Rover, UK. The Land Rover Range Rover has an excellent reputation as a strong, trustworthy vehicle on nearly any environment. Their pulling and lifting capability is near imaginary, and they have been used in adverse situations and climates around the world for many years now.

Having a beautiful and stylish British Design with a powerful engine, 7-speed automatic gearbox and pulling ratio, Range Rover Sport is ready for any emergency that may arise or to tackle any terrain necessary.

Driving experience at Range Rover Sport

If we talk about the driving experience of Range Rover, the first impression we grab is the car’s huge size. The Range Rover Sport is such a driving beast that dominates the toughest situations on the roads and its elevated driving positions allows you to literately look down on other drivers.

Those that know, tell of an amazing driving experience when taking the wheel. The first impression to grab you is the car’s huge size. The Range Rover dominates the road and its elevated driving position allows you to literately look down on other drivers.

Range Rover Interior

It is just the start of the endless chapter of qualities and specifications of the Range Rover. The new Range rover sport is better changed now from its first agricultural ancestors innovation from 1970’s and comes with all gadgets and comforts that you would expect from a fully loaded luxury saloon, such as Sat Nav, cruise control, onboard computer and even relaxing and messaging seats.

Range Rover Sport Gearbox

The 4.2 litre supercharged Range Rover sport automatic gearbox produces a massive 390 BHP and is ready to launch you from a standing start to 60 MPH is under only seven seconds. The lightning fast 4.2-litre engine covers the distance with very little effort while the driver and passengers sit in luxury enjoying the changing scenes from the windows.

Range Rover Competitors

The Range rover has many competitors, but no one is equal to it. Like BMW X6, Porsche Cayenne, and Audi A7, all are in efforts to compete the Range Rover in all aspects. That’s why the popularity of Range Rover is top of the line.

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