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Aug 9

Open-Air Off-Roading with Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque offers open air off-roading with its convertible 4×4

The off-roading doesn’t only depend on the engine power as the gearboxes are mainly responsible for these activities. The Range Rover is known for its world class off road capabilities and activities. Range Rover Gearboxes are the most agile and powerful transmissions with relatively close gear ratios in both manual and automatic gearboxes that help doing off road activities. The Evoque convertible is one of the best convertibles across the globe and it has equally been popular in the UK since its launch.

The Evoque line-up

There are couple of trims, but the 3 door convertible is the best trim to start with as it has reinforced chassis and most modern manual transmission and automatic option for more reliability. It has an electrically controlled top that bumps up the price of the model as well. There are two more trims where high spec HSE and HSE Luxury start from £47,500.

Power options

When it comes to off-roading, the engine means nothing without a powerful transmission. Range Rover has the best transmissions in class where ZF4HP22 and ZF6HP26 gearboxes are the most powerful contenders in the class followed by ZF6HP28 transmissions. Engines are the second option that needs to be powerful but Range Rover is doing good in this field as well.

There are two engines available with 236 horsepower petrol and 178 horsepower version of diesel engines. Fuel economy is not the big deal because it is not a kind of vehicle that gets points over fuel economy. Diesel option is slower but at the same time it proves the more popular option in the UK.

What it likes to drive?

With the 2.0 litre TD4 Range Rover Evoque convertible is the most reliable vehicle that can spend its entire life on the road. The best example is that in the most parts of the world you can still find the Land Rover models from 1950s and they are working just fine. We are still confident that the Range Rover Evoque spent their life on the road rather than off-roading for the most part. In order to fight with the kind of abuses that an open top SUV can entail in the UK, Range Rover has added some reinforcement job to the Evoque.

With this reinforcement job, the all new Evoque feels a bit muscular and strong with a very little of the flex and shakiness that many convertibles face during their life. On the off-roads and rough surfaces the off-top vehicles suffers a bit and it is better than many rivals out there. Unfortunately, you have to pay a price.

Under the bonnet, there is an additional bracing; the Evoque convertible is almost a two ton package without driver. Without any doubt, it takes 10.5 seconds to get to 62 miles per hour. Otherwise, it is a natural performer and handles all the situations very well because it has the DNA of Land Rover. We also found the automatic gearboxes very muscular on the new models when they get Off-the track but on the road they are bit slow to keep up the pace with motorway traffic.

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