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Apr 25

Range Rover Evoque gearbox is smooth

Great styling from inside and out, smooth gearbox and efficient engines makes Range Rover Evoque a decent compact SUV


The Range Rover Evoque is undoubtedly Land Rover’s most triumphant ever model – and it’s quite easy to justify the reasons behind. It’s not quite a cheap range Rover at all, but a lot of the tech, potential and style have been packed inside this compact SUV.  The Evoque has been present throughout the world since 2011 and there is no major upgrade since then, but it feels smooth to drive, comfortable to sit in and has never ever been cheaper to run all cheers to the addition of JLR’s latest ingenious diesel engines. Refinement has also taken one huge step ahead, and provided with the nine speed automatic gearbox, this vehicle truly gives tough time to all its rivals.


The Evoque HSE Dynamic gets larger 20-inch alloys, a leather steering wheel and up rated infotainment and athletic exterior body styling facts while the HSE Dynamic Lux provides a panoramic roof, park assist, keyless entry and towing assist, as well as recognition of traffic signs and a 10-inch touchscreen. The range-topping Evoque Autobiography has additional body detailing, a complete Oxford leather interior, and an 825w 17-speaker sound system.


If a person doesn’t give importance to the absolute speed, the entrance-level 148bhp 2.0 TD4 diesel engine should adjust the bill. In spite of being more efficient it’ll hit 0-62mph in almost 10.6 seconds, which is faster than the old 2.2-litre diesel engine. The new competent engine is known well because it is much more refined and not noisy at all. It’s quieter on a motorway cruise and specifically around the town, which makes it a lot more relaxing to drive.

The 178bhp 2.0 TD4 diesel ideally suits those after more muscle and can strike 0-62mph in 8.5 seconds, but it’s slightly more exclusive to run. The authoritative 237bhp 2.0 Si4 turbocharged petrol is speedy (0-60mph takes 7.6s), but it’s very thirsty so test takers’ steer obvious of that. What’s more, it’s only obtainable on Dynamic models of the three and five-door Evoque, as well as the Evoque Convertible. Only, the drop-top is auto, but can be specked along with the higher-power diesel, too.

Around 277kg has added to the Evoque Convertible when removing the roof, taking it to approximately two tonnes, and it actually feels it. The lively nine-speed auto simply kicks down more frequently on twister roads and the added weight can also be observed in the handling.


The Range Rover Evoque’s unique and new nine-speed automatic gearbox is smooth, chiefly when pulling quite away from a standstill, and on the motorway, it is fast enough to change up to preserve as much fuel as possible. However, around town the gearbox up to some extent can get confused as to what gear to be in according to the need, as there are so many of them. This can result in a little jerky progress. When you are using the steering wheel-mounted gearshift paddles, it is very easy to get trapped between third and fourth gear – but that’s all you require on a fast A-road. The six-speed manual is just as accurate, but most of the Evoque customers will prefer the automatic version.

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