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The Range Rover Evoque, with its small size, is a good

With a few drawbacks, the Evoque is an Efficient SUV

A Small Compact SUV with All Luxury Features

The Land Rover has produced a smaller body compact luxury crossover SUV in the form of Range Rover Evpque. Its design appeals to urban buyers due to its good fuel average and less emissions of Co2 than the regular Range Rover. It is available in three and five door versions with different outputs of efficient petrol engines and economical diesel engines. It is not only good looking in body style but also affordable and in the reach of a common buyer with all luxuries of Range Rover. It is available in front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive assembly. The front-wheel drive with five-door is the cheapest version of its range. If we compare it with BMW X3, Audi Q5, Volvo XC60, Porsche Macan and Mazda CX-5, then we find it the most suitable choice in this class. The Cabriolet and Coupe models are in the assembly line.

The interior is luxurious and up to the high standards of Range Rover.

Though the Range Rover Evoque is considered the cheapest range in Land Rover’s chain of vehicles, but it doesn’t mean that the manufacturer has dropped its standard in this range. The first look of its interior is the mirror image of the supreme, comfortable, handy and attractive interior of normal Range Rover. Plenty of expensive material, polished metal with fine and soft leather is used along with good texture of grainy woodwork. The front seats are fully adjustable according to the different physiques. The Range Rover Evoque gives the best driving position of its small SUV class. Seats are not comfortable only but also supportive ones. The pedals are in good position as we find in HSE or SE models. It is fitted with good, simple and worthy infotainment system.

Simple Dashboard with High-Tech Equipment

The interior is full of luxury items. The dashboard is exclusive one with lot of handy and simple high-tech systems. The controls of different functions are at just one rotation of fine metallic knobs, even the rotary dial for automatic gearbox is of a cool metal with efficient performance standard. The sat nav system is awesome. The steering wheel and seats are heat controlled. Good stereo system with eight-speaker and DAB digital radio is there. The Range Rover Evoque has cruise-control system, lane-departure warning alarms, all-round parking sensors, rain-sensing wipers, automatic bright Xenon headlights, front fog lights and heated wind screen. The most interesting feature is a Wi-Fi hotspot system, which allows you to connect the internet on move.

Interior Space and Storage Capacity of Range Rover Evoque

The dropping roofline is not problematic for the front seats but the passengers at rear don’t feel comfortable. The BMW X3 and the Audi Q5 are with more head space. The leg room is also tight as we compare it with other brands of this class. The Range Rover five-door is a good option if anyone wants to enjoy the interior space. The boot space is 575-litres in five-door option and 550-litres in three-door models. With dropping rear-seats the capacity can be enhanced up to 1450-litres, enough for a small Compact SUV like Range Rover Evoque. Some critics have the opinion that the normal boot space of the Range Rover Evoque is 85-litres smaller than the X3’s.

The Range Rover Evoque visibility.

The front visibility is adequate because of good and wide wind screen but once again the dropping roof-line creates bad rear visibility, though the screen is wide enough, but gives a very acute angle for rear view. Even in five-door, the visibility level is compromised. If we compare this feature with the BMW X3 and other brands of this class, then we definitely feel the difference.

With Superb Engine lineup the Range Rover Evoque has its solid impression.

The Range Rover Evoque is with limited engine lineup but fun to drive both on and off-road with good driving experience. The diesel engines are efficient in performance and with different outputs availability make them a popular choice of the lineup. There is a single petrol engine available in the range.

The Range Rover Evoque, diesel engine lineup.

The 2.0-Litre eD4 is a four-cylinder diesel engine which is capable to produce 147bhp and 280lb/ft torque. In SE five-door trim level it takes 10.8 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with top speed of 113m/h. This diesel engine is economical in performance and gives 65m/g of fuel average with just 113 g/km of Co2 emissions. It is fitted with six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive unit.

The other version in SE trim level of this diesel engine is 2.0-Litre TD4 which produces 177bhp and 317lb/ft torque. Though it is also a four-cylinder diesel engine, but with extra powers of 30bhp and 37lb/ft torque, it performs in speedy manners and takes 9.7 seconds to get from 0-62 m/h with top speed of 124m/h. It also maintains good fuel average of 58m/g on the other hand with reasonable 125g/km of Co2 emissions. This diesel version is available with six-speed manual gearbox and four-wheel drive unit which enhances its performance.

The 2.2litre SD4 diesel engine is the fastest in the diesel range

The 2.2-Litre SD4 is a powerful diesel engine with 187bhp and 310lb/ft torque. This engine is available in three-door coupe, which is fitted with nine-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive unit. It is capable to get from 0-62m/h in 8.0 seconds and reaches up to 121m/h. Though the fuel consumption of this version is high, but gives affordable 48m/g of fuel average with 153g/km of emissions. In five-door model there is no difference in the performance of this version except the descent of 1.0m/g of fuel average.

The 2.0-Litre Si4 petrol engine is the fastest engine

With 236bhp and 251lb/ft torque, this petrol engine is the fastest in the Range Rover Evoque engine lineup and takes only 7.3 seconds to get from 0-62m/h and its top speed is 135m/h. It is a four-cylinder petrol engine with good power and speed with 36m/g of fuel average and 181g/km of Co2 emissions. It is equipped with nine-speed automatic transmission system and four-wheel drive unit.

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