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Aug 24

Top 5 Best Used Off-Roaders for £20,000

A good approach is to have an off-roader at hand, it gives the flexibility of a saloon and the capability to go nearly anywhere

The off-roaders offer the drivers with a smooth ride, commanding the view over the road and in many cases, a perfect ability to go anywhere. You can find so many of them out there, powered by either a petrol or a diesel engine with automatic transmission or manual gearbox or even with hybrid, but the real question is: what is the best buy for £20,000?

We all know that when these monsters are released, they are so pricey, the reasons are their high build quality and of course, premium image. But the best thing about them – only if you are looking for a used vehicle – is that they lose the value as quickly as they are driven off the forecourt.

Here are Top 5 Best buys for £20,000

Land Rover Discovery 3 with true off-road ability

There is absolutely on another vehicle, offering as superb off-road ability as the Land Rover. And if you are looking for plenty of interior space and the flexibility of seven seats, then you must opt for the Discovery 3.

It is a perfect vehicle that provides style and comfort like no other. For best economy and acceleration, the 3.0-litre diesel version in No. 1 choice and its hill descent control enable you to go anywhere without any fuss.

Lexus RX450h hybrid economy with off-roader style

An electric motor mated to a 3.5-litre petrol engine, this is Lexus RX450H, if you fancy a four-wheel drive with a different style. It’s a good option under £20,000 which runs for speeds up to 25mph, alone on the battery power. Thanks to its electric motor, it runs smoothly around town and keeps the fuel costs real low.

BMW X5 is a sharp handling, stylish 4×4

At No. 3 is the BMW X5, having premium just like the Land Rover, and for the best performance and economy, one must opt for the 3.0-litre diesel variant. But if you like the petrol, then 4.8-litre petrol model is the one you should go for.

Mercedes ML is luxury and comfort oriented off-roader

When it comes to comfort-oriented luxury off-roader, then the answer is none other than the German beauty, Mercedes ML. The range-topping ML63 AMG is one of the best but choose ML350 CDI diesel if you want to use it in the city. The high levels of equipment and automatic gearbox, the ML and X5 gives similar feels.

Nissan Qashqai blending agility and comfort

The Nissan Qashqai has strength and practicality of an SUV and a blend of agility and comfort of a hot hatch. Over the time, it has proved a big seller in the United Kingdom. It is now built in the Sunderland plant.

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