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Two-Millionth Land Rover Defender Auctioned

Land Rover Defender number 2 million sold at auction for £400k which is a record sale price for any Land Rover so far

The two millionth Land Rover Defender has been sold for a record price of £400k at a charity auction.

It is important to mention that this is the highest selling price for any Land Rover Defender sold so far.

Is this the End of Defender?

Almost actually, because the last Land Rover Defender is rolling off the production line in couple of days, precisely  in January 2016. Since the birth of Land Rover Defender with its iconic gearbox in 1947, there are two million units sold out and the two millionth unit has got the highest price mark for a charity.

This sale has made the specific unit the most valuable Land Rover ever produced.

When was built and who bought it?

The mark of producing 200,000 Land Rover Defenders was achieved in May 2015. However a bidder from Qatar was a successful and the income of the Defender was going to two international charities:

the International Foundation of Red Cross, Red Crescent Societies IFRC and the Born Free Foundation

How unique the two-millionth Defender was?

To make it a unique model, Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations department has supervised the production process of Defender. The special unit has logo of 200,000 at the back and on several places inside the vehicles.

An aluminium plaque has been built with the signature of all those engineers and individuals who took part in the production of this model. It has a unique number plate too and an engraved map of Red Wharf Bay to remind the place of design of first ever Land Rover.

What JLR said?

John Edwards, the boss of special operations division said that this sale will go out as a bright part of our history.

However, off course, Defender has a future and will live long with different perspectives to keep the DNA of its parents alive. Current Defender will be moved to the Heritage division.

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