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Sep 9

Two Millionth Land Rover Defender from Solihull

Two-millionth Defender to roll out from the house of Land Rover in Solihull, it’s a bit special

Two millionth Defender to roll out from Solihull, and it is a bit special model with special looks and is far way different from the Land Rover Defender 67 years ago. It is hardly possible that the original defender production will be ceased at the end of the year. New automated production methods and fangled regulations cannot kill the Defender, may be in production but not in the hearts of its fans.

Land Rover said this killing of Defender, a retirement, and trying to produce an iconic model, with the range of memorial events, manufacturing three limited production heritage models and selling the two-millionth Defender. Built a couple of months ago, it will go on sale in December.

Building the two-millionth Defender was a real fun than the usual manufacturing, where many engineers were called to give their input in the production. Others who were less prominent but were equally keen to participate in the designing process, were also invited.

If talk about the production line of Defender, it is not Jaguar Land Rover’s most modern production line. In fact, the whole place is planned for modernisation after December this year. But it is still an impressive process of production because there is no dirt on the floors at all.

There are only a few operations that are robotized at the floor and everyone works to deliver the best. Every assembly operation is planned to detail the process with the help of diagrams and some instructions.

Every single mechanism offered in the Defender, passes through special observation to ensure the utmost off-road performance. The power transmission and gearbox of the Defender has some outclass features for off-road adventures and it is the only reason that makes the Defender special in its class.

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