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Zulu Super Defender Charged with Triptronic Gearbox

Zulu super Defender modified by the JE Motorworks gets six-speed triptronic gearbox and V8 engines

It is a limited edition Land Rover Defender tuned by JE Motorworks in the UK and powered by a six speed triptronic transmission fitted to JLR V8 engine. JE Motorworks is a Coventry based tuner and they have revealed that the Defender has been modified under the nameplate of Zulu Super featuring Jaguar Land Rover V8 engine capable of generating 475bhp. This treatment will cost you around £149,500 and you can made it to any left hand or right hand model.

What Zulu treatment includes?

The Zulu treatment will get you the 4.7-litre all new Jaguar Land Rover V8 engine with 650Nm of pulling power of torque, further mated to the 6-speed transmission.

The chassis and suspension will get entire renovation and up gradation along with new braking system.

What JE Motorworks said?

One of the officials at JE Motorworks’ Jonathan Douglas said: “The Defender is ancient mechanical infrastructure and the engine is from an era when cars are computers:

it’s like getting an iPhone playing music via a cassette deck – but we’ve done it, and we’ve done it seamlessly.”

Any extra kits?

The extra kits on the Zulu package include new alloys with 18-inch sized wheels, modified dampers and lowered springs, limited slip differential and larger brakes with electronic handbrake.

Cosmic changes

Definitely there will be several cosmic changes after the Zulu treatment. Most dominant changes include a JE badge on the front and twin rear exhausts, dual side vents, larger front air intakes and LED lights. However, the front grille has been changed with aluminium one and when you get inside you will notice a new leather upholstery, extra sound-proofing, heating seats and new air-conditioning system.

All new Zulu Defender is limited to only 25 units. It will be a great luxury to explore Africa in after 150,000 pounds investment in it.

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