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Range Rover Engine Repairs & Service Specialists

So, you have a blown Range Rover engine! Or your engine is horribly knocking and making a noise, or you have a seized engine or the big end has gone. It means your engine has to be reconditioned or replaced. We know that it is not that easy to replace the engine with a new expensive unit which sometimes even costs more than the entire value of your Range Rover. So, why not go for a reconditioned Range Rover engine? Simply bring your blown out engine and get it reconditioned for new like performance again at very affordable prices.

Our Engine Reconditioning Process

Our engine remanufacturing and reconditioning services are the best in the market and we have state of the art workshop, equipped with most modern tools and highly qualified engine experts who carry out entire reconditioning at OEM standards and follow the guidelines of actual vehicle manufacturer for utmost performance and reliability. We re-bore and skim the engine block, regrind the crankshaft for new like performance, put in new pistons and piston rings along with all new bearings and gaskets. Every bit of the engine disassembled and restored to its original state by machining or even replacing the part with a genuine part if needed. We go out of our way to keep our promise of leaving you satisfied at the end and your vehicle cruising on the road with full power.


After we do reconditioning work on your engine, we test it to the extreme level of working and performance. Until our engineers and quality control department does not give it a go, we do not put it back into your vehicle. However, for your extra peace of mind, we offer a standard warranty on each reconditioned engine.


We offer full fitting of engine, cylinder head reconditioning, engine reconditioning, UK wide supply of parts and components, all repair works at very competitive prices.

Our workshop has the facility to carry out advanced level engine servicing and repairs such as:

  • Engine and cylinder head reconditioning
  • Full engine fitting and assembly service
  • Pressure testing, and Cylinder head skimming
  • Welding and moulding
  • Crank grinding and polishing
  • Cylinder reboring and honing
  • Helicoils and thread repairs
  • Valves faced and seats cut and Unleaded seat conversion
  • Hot and cold acid tank
  • What you have to do is, simply contact us by phone or visit us or use our online platform to get the estimate of your engine repairing or reconditioning process.

Oil Leak Problems Engine Repairs & Reconditioning
  • Up to 30 % Online Discount
  • Engine Repairs & Reconditioning Specialists
  • Main Dealer Trained mechanics
  • State of the Art Garage
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