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Range Rover is the pinnacle of refined capability. It is effortlessly composed whatever the occasion and has precision engineering alongside advanced technologies. A Range Rover is designed and engineered to class leading capability and versatility. A Gearbox is an integral part of any vehicle and here at Recon Auto Gearbox we understand this sentiment. We provide quality automatic gearboxes for all types of Range Rover models alongside a special warranty. Recon Auto Gearbox don’t compromise on quality, but our prices don’t break your bank.

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"Found this place online, asked for a quote came back efficiently cleanly. Seems to know what they talking about. Phoned them and found out exactly what the upfront costs will be, which were reasonable compare to other quotes I had. They came and collected the car on the loader for free which was really handy. It was drivable, but you know didn't wana risk it. The job was done exceptionally quickly. Paid them I am happy. Gona take my car back home and with the 12 month warranty there wont be any problems hopefully and if there are any I know exactly where to bring it back and probably for any future major works. So, would I recommend them, YES".


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