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Most common Immobiliser Problems

If you are facing problems in your immobiliser, you might get it fixed immediately because it is a big security risk. If you are unsure about the actual problem, here is the list of most common immobiliser problems.

Central Locking issues

Alarm functionality

Starting issues or Immobiliser light on or flashing, your vehicle starts but then stops immediately, or you are facing any key issues. If any of these issues persist, you should visit us immediately for best immobiliser repair works. We offer quality repairs at fraction of the cost of replacement parts from the dealership.

Out experts test and repair immobiliser parts and then the installation is done at the assembly shops. We only stock and supply the best replacement parts and repairs are performed by our experienced main dealer trained mechanics. Simply, get the free non obligatory price quotes and get your immobiliser fixed while saving time & money at the same time.

Immobiliser Repair
Immobiliser Repair
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