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Dec 29

An Insight into the 2017 Range Rover Evoque Ember Special Edition

The new special edition Range Rover Evoque Ember

The 2017 Model Year revisions bring welcome updates to Range Rover’s evergreen Evoque, with the new InControl Touch Pro infotainment system offering huge improvements over the clunky set-up seen in previous cars. This Ember special edition is expensive, though, and unless you really want or need the glossy red accents we’d stick with one of the already well-equipped lower-spec cars.

Every year, Jaguar Land Rover tweaks each of its cars with a series of model year updates. Often inconspicuous to the untrained eye, they can include anything from new lights and bumpers to infotainment upgrades and colourful special editions.


Execution and effectiveness are unaltered, which means the Evoque Ember regards drive, made in the corners and sufficiently gutsy to stay aware of quicker moving activity on the motorway. The 2.0-liter Ingenium diesel engine is the pick of the range, particularly when mated to the incredible nine-speed automatic gearbox; it offers smooth, refined power conveyance and sensible running expenses.

The ride can feel somewhat rough on the Ember’s gigantic 20-inch glossy silk dark wheels, however it’s not uncomfortable and the leather seats offer tolerable support.

New Land Rover Treatment

The Range Rover Evoque is the most recent to get the MY17 treatment, introducing the most recent InControl Touch Master infotainment framework first found in the supposition part Evoque Convertible prior this year.

It’s a major change over the old form, including a vast 10.2-inch screen and getting rid of the catches that already flanked the focal screen. The switches have been supplanted by a touch-touchy set-up with squeeze to-zoom usefulness for the sat-nav. In spite of the menus being generally unaltered, it’s sufficiently instinctive to utilize.

New Technology

Notwithstanding the infotainment upgrades, high-spec Evoques get a WiFi hotspot and enhanced mobile phone network. More profound under the skin, all-wheel-drive models include a Low Traction Launch function, which limits slip in precarious conditions.

Somewhere else, it’s the same old thing. Regardless of being over five years of age, the Evoque keeps on offering in immense numbers – offering style and attractive quality by the bucketload. To guarantee this achievement doesn’t waver, Land Rover has presented another Ember special edition.

In light of the officially costly HSE Dynamic, Ember models bring some bold styling additions including a red roof and black badging. You’ll also get distinctive black wheels and darkened lights front and rear. It certainly stands out from the crowd, and we’ve no doubt plenty of potential Evoque buyers will relish the extra kit.

Inside, you get dark leather seats and some reflexive dark trim on the dashboard. There are some red highlights, as well, and in addition coordinating sewing for the floor tangles and enlightened tread plates on the entryway ledges.

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