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Oct 13

Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR! An ultimate example of SVO division

Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations division comes up with all new Range Rover Sport SVR, an all-terrain go anywhere driving machine

It is more than a normal Range and even offers some extra features than a standard sport version. It has been developed by the Special vehicle Operations division at Land Rover and named as the SVR version. It offers extreme performance with ultimate luxury and at the Range Rover model line-up holds the title of being an ultimate example of luxury models.

What it offers other than the standard sport version?

There are number of differences including a new and bespoke power transmission with utmost off-road capability. It is a more powerful and tweaked engine with customised cabin and performance dynamics. All these features help the model to enhance the luxury and off road ability of the model. Apart from all these things, you can ask for an even lengthy kit of customised gadgets and dynamics. All this list of new optional features will help the SVR to even get better off-roading experience.

What market will It compete?

Of course the rivals will be as of same standard and competence as the SVR. In the opposition line-up, you will find several big names such as BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and the Cayenne from Porsche to rival the all new Range Rover Sport SVR. But apart from the natural off-roading DNA which offers the base to develop the SVR, the customise model won’t likely have all the features that all its rivals offer. However, the majority of gadgets including some special ones will welcome you aboard.

The ultimate powertrain to go anywhere

If you know about the Range Rover engines then you would better know about the 5.0 litre V8 petrol unit and Ingenium diesel engines offered in the JLR models. The all new eight cylinders 5.0 litre power unit is further powered by superchargers to deliver some serious muscle on demand.

It would surprise you on the push of the throttle and why would not? In the new configuration, it will generate 50 bhp to 56 bhp extra power. In total a mountain of power having 542 bhp where twisting power of 680bhp will be on hand. All this power will be transferred to an eight speed automatic transmission which is exclusively designed to handle double power.

The 21 inch wheels are directly calibrated to the transmission via a most sophisticated Dynamic Active locking differential system with corner detection technology to be proactive and all this system collectively offers 50 percent faster speed. While in the corners, with the help of new technology, Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR can go faster, flatter and harder than any other off-roader in the market.

Level of Performance offered

According to all these equipment, Range Rover Sport SVR can sprint you from stand still to 62 miles per hour in only 4.7 seconds that is actually a speed of an average sports car. On the over-run, it sufficiently cuts the fuel consumption and delivers better fuel economy.

It offers an interior which is very close to a luxury car but the luxurious SVR seats are enough to make a difference. Apart from all these modern enhancements, the traditional Land Rover features are still there.

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