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The Legendary Land Rover

The Legend of Land Rover Lives On

Land Rover is not an unknown name for roads all over the world. It is a perfect combination of powerful engine, beautiful exterior and lavish interior.It surely is the best and most powerful vehicle for on and off the roads. Undoubtedly with different models and engines, Land Rover SUV’s have ruled the auto mobile world for years.

Origin of Land Rover

Two British brothers Spencer and Maurice Wilkswere inspired by versatility of US army jeeps inWorld War II. They dreamed to make the best jeep type vehicle with same versatile performance like US army jeeps. So they started working with British auto makers.

There they make first permanent four wheel drive truck in 1948 named Series I with optional doors and canvas roof. These initial Land Rovers were quite simple, but really compatible for field work.So we can say that The Great Britain is the inventor of this classy machine.

Evolution of Land Rover

In early 1950’s, Land Rover moved towards modification of its interior and exterior along with enhancing engine power. In 1958 Land Rover launched its II series with less basic exterior along with more powerful engine. A modified design of II series is a bit better than I series because of covering chassis and exhaust sides. Land Rover introduced its first diesel engine in the late 50’s.

From 1961 to 1971 Series IIAmaintained the standard and name of Land Rover impressively. Land Rover was picked up by Leyland Motors Ltd which later became British Leyland Corporation (BL) in 1978.

Range Rover

Under the supervision of Land Rover, Range Rover introduced its first model with strong aluminum body and V8 engine in 1970. This superb machine was a huge success than its predecessors.

In 1971 rover introduced its III Series but unfortunately inthe mid of 1970’s troubles and flaws of British Leyland Corporation encouraged the founding of a separate Land Rover company but still under the direction of British Leyland Corporation.In mid-70’s British Leyland (BL) nationalized and in mid-80’s they change their name given by British Aerospace.

Land Rover in the hand of different Companies

Land Rover has existed as a company since 1978. In 1994 this marvelous SUV manufacturer was taken by BMW since 2006. After breaking up with BMW in 2006, Land Rover was sold to Ford Motor Company by BMW for 6 million pounds.

In 2008 Ford Motor Company sold Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors in India. To cut the cost price and expand the sale level, Tata Motors announced to build Land Rover and Jaguar in China. With the potential capacity of 130,000 vehicle production per year, its trial production started in April 2014.

Lately in September 2013 Land Rover and Jaguar announced their plans of 100 million pounds for a research and development center to manufacture next-generation technology vehicles.

Masterpiece of Land Rover

Land Rover gave several masterpieces to automobile world followings are few of them:-

  • Land Rover Liama
  • Defender Ice edition
  • Shorland Armoured car
  • Land Rover Wolf
  • Land Rover 101 Forward Control
  • Land Rover Series
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Land Rover Freelander
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Land Rover Range Rover
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