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May 4

The Monarch Uses Range Rover to Get close To Her People in the UK

The Queen’s luxurious and clean march machine builds in Coventry at JLR plant, it’s a Hybrid Range Rover

  • Queen’s tailor-made Range Rover State Review Vehicle
  • Range Rover Evoque boasts Diesel Hybrid powertrain
  • No exhaust fumes to smell for the supporters
  • Queen’s Rangie can go on all electric


Large crowd on the both sides of the street waiting to greet the Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, arriving to see their people and are greeted by their nation.

But what if smelly exhaust emission fumes coming out of the vehicle carrying the Monarch? Bad feelings isn’t it? Her majesty the Queen loves her people and to spread her own royal fragrance over her people, she has a hybrid State Review Vehicle tailor made by Jaguar Land Rover with a diesel hybrid electric powertrain. It is a 100 percent quiet vehicle on the road with zero exhaust fumes when in all-electric mode.

The Tailor-Made Range Rover Evoque LWB

The bespoke State Review Vehicle made its second appearance when monarch celebrated her 90th birthday in Windsor. Like other normal hybrid Rangie models, the LWB hybrid is equipped with a 3.0-litre diesel engine and powerful automatic gearbox, most probably it is a ZF transmission.

The system has been coupled with an electric motor that adds an extra 47bhp of power into the total of 345bhp. It has an exclusively massive torque delivery of 516 lb-ft.

Why Queen selects this Rangie?

This bespoke Range Rover allows the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to get closer to her people and seen by even more supporters and fans than if they carried out this walkabout on foot because they no more use the horse buggies.

The second reason for opting the Range Rover Evoque hybrid vehicle is an environment-friendly vehicle. The Queen herself inaugurated the engine assembly plant of JLR in Wolverhampton last year. She also has a Range Rover for her personal use.

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