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Sep 24

The BMW Automatic Gearboxes — Best of Both Worlds

BMW Steptronic Automatic Gearboxes are The Best Ever Gearboxes in the Class

Living with a BMW is one of the best experiences in the life and buying a BMW is also one of the hardest jobs to perform. Selecting from the range of the models and then an army of engines in every model and it doesn’t end here, because there is still a range of gearboxes to opt from. Yes, BMW is one of the few automakers who offer a massive array of selection on its every model. The engines selection can be rarely wrong but selecting out a BMW gearbox and a manual transmission is a long compromise. A manual transmission gives a great control of the engine when you need it but at the same time, an automatic transmission gives an excellent driving experience at the same time. If you are in the motoring commute, an automatic transmission chooses the ratios for you and you do not need to decide what gear is next. Simply push the throttle hard and you are done.

Bmw Automatic Gearboxes

BMW always remains a step forward in the technology and same as in the case of transmissions, BMW has offered a Steptronic transmission as a standard on automatics. This is a manumatic gearbox offers the best performance of all times. It gives a facility of manual gear shifting if you wish to go manual and a multi-drive mode turns the transmission into an automatic gearbox upon the request.

The first generation of the Steptronic system was introduced around 20 years ago and the BMW engineering department has improved it over the time. The latest Steptronic transmission is an excellent gearbox system and it offers an excellent swift shifting. The performance of the reconditioned BMW automatic gearboxes depends on the driving modes and driving styles you choose.

How Automatic Gearbox Works

The basic function of the Steptronic gearboxes offers a fully automatic drive mode but at the same time, this system offers a manual driving mode as well. The manual driving mode requires higher engine revs before allowing the desired gear shift. An option of a paddle shifter on the steering wheel has been offered. With this system, the driver has a full control of the driving. A Steptronic transmission is a smart enough version and doesn’t require the driver to push the car into the red revs zone.

Depending on the BMW driving mode, there are several additional features available. All these driving modes allow the driver to select between the Sport, Comfort, and Eco Pro mode, all these driving modes are available to select from the transmission selector. In the comfort and eco-driving modes, the transmission shifts at the lower points than in the Sports mode.

Why Choose Steptronic?

The new generation of the Steptronic transmissions is so well designed and it outperforms the manual transmissions in the class. These transmissions are even excellent when the vehicle is driven by an inexperienced driver. The Steptronic transmission system has been designed to offer a flexible driving experience without mocking the driving experience. Choosing a BMW is all about selecting a performance and ultimate driving experience. The transmission is available across the wide range of models. Other automatic gearbox options offered on the BMW model line-up are of course optional on many models. It is recommended that if a driver looking to buy a BMW with an automatic gearbox, he must take a test drive to confirm the performance if the vehicle and see if it is a suitable option for him. But according to the experts, it is one of the most responsive and smooth transmission system offered by BMW.

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