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Oct 22

The Defender Expands the Land Rover into Versatile Vehicle Family

The defender 4×4 to be offered again in several guises and handy off roader luxuries

The all-new Land Rover Defender now would be a family vehicle instead of a hardcore off-roader. Although it will offer the off-roading activities and come with the two wheelbases. The new versions of the Defender would be offered from basic models to the luxurious high-end models.

The mission of the Land Rover for the reborn Defender is to convert its model lineup into a versatile and exclusive family of the vehicles. The ability of any model to wear the iconic badge always tested under serious conditions and defender has already passed all those tests in the past and is eligible to carry the iconic badge. It is officially set to re-launch by the next year after a long cease on the production of the Defender vehicles a few years back. The defender remained Land Rover’s most revived and anticipated model in the past decades. It was previously considered to be launch this year, but now the automaker has decided to launch it by next year. The launch of the MK2 Evoque is also pending and now has lost its importance even more and would be launched even late.

Regardless of the history of the Defender vehicles, the model would be launched to appeal the most elite class as a premium luxury. The entry-level base models would come around 40k GBP price band but the most luxurious models would come far over £70,000 in the UK. The nameplates of the famous defender models would be inspired by the 90s defender 110.

Land Rover Defender 1983-2016

In its entire life, the defender remained one of those off-roading vehicles which were actually excellent off-roaders. The defender is an institution for the other models. The Land Rover Defender is an institution and unbeatable off-road, if cruise on the road, the defender was sharp and economical but lacks the comfort. Although it is expected that the new Defender would come in 2019 it is not clear that when it would happen? But according to the internal news, the defender won’t be available before April 2020 as an additional JLR product. On the other hand, JLR is looking to introduce the electric Jaguar XJ by 2021. Land Rover gearbox is also returned and filled with more power.

The styling of every new model would be according to the modern model design language of the automaker. However, all the models have the clear family face of the JLR. It has a resemblance to the flagship Range Rover models. The defender family is one of the most reliable and durable models and it will fit under the heading of the durability. The newer models would be more functional and durable with utmost practicality and undeniable off-roading experience.

The Defender if compare to the other Land Rover models, has advantages over all of them. The advantages include durability and refinement with utmost off-road capability. The Range Rover comes under refinement and the elegance while its luxury features appeal the buyers. All road performance and other attributes are more towards the on-road orientation.

New Defender Architecture

The new defender would be based on the JLR’s new all-aluminum MLA platform. It is officially called Modular Longitudinal Architecture platform which replaces the entire family of the aluminium platforms. These old platforms were introduced back in 2003 and Jaguar was the first JLR brand who used the new platform in the XJ models. Land Rover is determined to introduce the Defender as it’s the best off-roader again with high tech systems for the first time on the Defender. A range of new technologies has been used to achieve the modern factor in the new defender.

According to the available information, the defender would be offered as a three-door version of the defender. There would be two wheelbases and used according to the size and demand of the buyer. It is a highly versatile model and would come with removable hard top and would be far more luxurious and high-end model. The more basic models would definitely attract the premium buyers as well with their pricing and it off-road capability. The automaker says that the defender would be introduced in the tough market of the UK after a break of several years in the production.

Land Rover also making it a luxurious 5 door rival to the models like G-Class and others already serving the UK market. The JLR design boss says to stop thinking about the old models, the new one would actually function in a durable way. However, the new model would give an impression of being a reliable, durable and luxurious model in the class. The new defender upon launch would definitely add an exclusively versatile model into the JLR model family in the UK and Europe.

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