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Mar 5

Which Vehicle Will You Take to Heaven

The obvious choice is Range Rover Engine

Land Rover has always been in hot news since its facelift. There was news that revealed that the Land Rover Discovery Sport pulled a 100 tonne train. This is simply incredible. It’s totally shows the sheer power and immense engine control of this car. It is not wrong if we label it as an auto beats because to perform this act is beyond the imagination of every type of the car. But, Land Rover Discovery Sport did it in the smartest way.

After some time, news hit the auto industry. This time, it was the Range Rover Sport that smashes through the rising tide and waves of up to 850mm taking on open water swimmers crossing from Bigbury Beach to Burgh Island in south Devon, UK.

Well both the instances are surely crazy and daring to do. Do you expect something ahead from all these kinds of kid dish stuff? Wait. Are all these crazy happenings childish? If yes, then we surely wait to see what the level ahead from this craziness is.

We all heard about the Tianmen Mountain in China. Some of us may visited this sightseeing place. The place is also famous because of the Heaven’s gate.

To reach the heaven is really a dream comes true. Same is the case to conquer the Tianmen Shan, the Heaven’s Gate Mountains. What is mysterious in it is that it can’t be reached without passing through the world’s largest, mind boggling skytram that is about 7.5 km lengthy. It leads to a bus ride on a very twisty and zigzagging road. It is not the end. The final level to reach the Heaven is to cross a set of 999steps’ stairs. Believe me my mind crashes while describing the way to the Heaven Gate.

Now the point comes that mesmerize the mind. Just imagine if you pass the whole twisty and dangerous passage while driving the Range Rover Sport. People say me crazy. But I am not. Because it happened recently. It was names the Dragon Challenge. The crazy courageous driver was none other than the master class road rage driver, Ho-Pin Tung who also experienced Panasonic Jaguar Racing.

Salute to the Formula E Driver. He did something ahead from exceptional by driving the monstrous Range Rover Sport Engine to a slope of 45 degrees by crossing the 999 stairs and approach to the China’s legendry Heaven’s Gate. With the combination of Ingenium petrol and electric battery power packed in the most powerful Range Rover Engine.

This is simply insane. Landover Range Rover always performs these stunts to roar in the auto industry.  This is not the end. There is surely something for the viewers that the Land Rover will perform soon.


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